Judith Goadby Memorial Award

The Judith Goadby Memorial Award is in memory of Judith Goadby, an enthusiastic, tireless and much loved member of the Australian Masters squash family, who passed away suddenly in 1999.

Judith was a key member of both the Victorian and Australian Masters Squash Associations and a Board Member of the Victorian Squash Federation and Vice President of Squash Australia.

Judith enjoyed the social aspect of Masters Squash so much that she decided one night after a few glasses of champagne to participate in the game even though she had never picked up a racquet.  Despite having “no idea” on how to play the game she eventually was able to win a few games at the lower levels of Masters Squash.   Judith always maintained that winning was not important but participating was.  Judith epitomised the MASTERS SPIRIT.

Judith’s contribution to Masters Squash was extremely significant and she devoted a major part of her later years to the development of not only Masters Squash, but also Open and Junior squash.

Judith’s love and enthusiasm for squash and the spirit in which she played the sport, endeared her to all.  Judith embodied all that Masters Squash continues to strive for.   In all associations there are people like Judith who are dedicated and make significant and important contributions to Masters Squash.

In recognition of Judith’s exceptional contribution to squash in general and in particular Masters Squash on her passing AMSA now awards annually the Judith Goadby Memorial Trophy.  This Trophy is awarded to a player who embodies the spirit and enthusiasm Judith had for Masters Squash as a lower grade player, not necessarily a winner, and also an administrator.

Judith Goadby Memorial Award Recipients

Year Name State
1999 Pam Watson NT
2000 Bev Vimpany (Dec) TAS
2001 Jack Wass (Dec) SA
2002 Rose Searle TAS
2003 John Winwood (Dec) SA
2004 Ken Sinclair NSW
2005 Ute Cottee VIC
2006 John Forrest ACT
2007 Alison Williams WA
2008 Ross Barnden (Dec) TAS
2009 Ron Clayton WA
2010 Laura Stranks QLD
2011 Terry Barlow VIC
2012 Helena Morgan VIC
2013 Richard Weir NT
2014 Ron Smith ACT
2015 Joyce Barnett WA
2016 Richard Best (Dec) NSW
2017 Ed Jennings WA
2018 Kay Dobson NT
2019 Helen Watkins QLD
2020 No award due to COVID-19
2021 No award due to COVID-19
2022 Michelle Rowles VIC
2023 Sue Parker ACT