World Masters Squash Championships 2022

As you may be aware, the 2020 Championships were postponed until August 2021 and have been further postponed to 21-27 August 2022.  Please keep an eye on the WSF website for further updates. There are several new updates on the WSF site.

This is your opportunity to play for Australia – with a full Aussie kit to impress everyone in your local club and family, and a world travel experience that is unrivalled.

Entries will CLOSE on 17 Jul7 ’22 at 23.59 (GMT + 01:00)  – click here to go to the official Championships website. Click on Championship tab and go to Entries. You may need to re-do / do your WSF a/c again if you have not used it since the last Championships. If you have an a/c, the system will search for you and transfer your details over to your entry. Entries close on 10th July 2022.

There are over 600 entries – will you be one of them?

The Championships

Every two years the World Masters squash championships are held as individual events for each age group, but with an overall point score championship for the large and small nation groupings.

In 2018, the Championships were played in Charlottesville USA with over 800 competitors. The Australian team with more than 70 participants came second to England in the large Nation’s Cup competition.

Am I good enough to play?

The World Championships in each age group are open to anyone to enter. In 2022, there will be local club players in each age group from Poland and surrounding European countries. If you are playing Masters competitively in your local competition or at the Australian Masters Individual Championships, you are certainly good enough. Plate systems apply, so you will have at least three matches, maybe many more.

Of course, most of the best players in the world over 35 will be there playing as well. Charlottesville saw Australian players such as Sarah Fitz-Gerald, Brett Martin and Sue Hillier carry on their squash careers by becoming world champion. In 2022, they could be your teammates.

Will I be part of the Team?

Points are scored depending on where you progress in the main draw, but also where you finish in the multiple plate events. For countries like Australia, with an historically good standard of squash, many of our players will find themselves in plate finals and semis with the possibility of scoring points for Australia. With a large team, this will be our strength.

We are aiming to have over 100 players from Australia in Wroclaw in 2022. Sure, we want some of our past and present world champions to turn up and win, but we need every point to beat England, New Zealand, Canada, United States and South Africa to name a few.

We will endeavour to design an Australian team uniform available to order before you go – probably a playing shirt and a warm-up top. We want to be a very visible presence in the world’s largest squash centre in the green and gold. And we’ll tell all the other players to talk to us because we’re friendly Aussies.

The Hasta La Vista Club

The venue for the World Masters in Poland is the world’s largest squash centre with 32 pristine Courttech courts. This means that over a thousand matches in the week will all be played in the same centre, with the best matches showcased on the glass centre court with comfortable spectator viewing.

Wroclaw – The City

Wroclaw is a university and research city of about 600,000 people in the south-west of Poland. It is recognised by many as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a historic 13th Century city centre. It is the capital of the region of Silesia, and has really only been part of modern Poland since 1945. The city has at times been part of the kingdoms of Bohemia, Prussia, Hungary and Germany.

Making it a European Exploration

The Championships are only for one week. For some, they will want to fly directly from Australia to Wroclaw and return when play is completed.

For most, we expect that you will want to take some time to visit other sensational parts of Europe before or after the Championships.

You might want to get a few friends together and make a travel group out of it. How about a few days in Prague before the Championships and a few days in Berlin to follow. We might even be able to organise a local hit or socialising with the local squash clubs.

Or fly into London or Paris and make your way across Europe by train, play in the Championships, and fly back out from Moscow or Minsk.

Where groups set up an itinerary, we can not only help to coordinate, we can share your travel plans with others if you want to build the size of the group to reduce costs.