World Masters Squash Championships 2024


At today’s date (8th Apr ’24), we have received over 500 entries – this is great news with over 7 weeks until entries close. Many of your fellow Australian players have entered including members of our Trans-Tasman Test team. We have approx 38 players registered. Keep those entries coming to enjoy one of the best tournaments in your Squash life.

The crowd take in action at the Frans Otten Stadion's show court
The crowd take in action at the Frans Otten Stadion’s show court

Entries for 2024 WSF World Masters Championships, being held in Amsterdam, Netherlands are now open and all entries will be taken on-line via the participants WSF SPIN Account within our Tournament Software membership platform.

The dates originally scheduled for 17-24 August in Amsterdam’s Frans Otten Stadion, have been revised, with the new tournament dates 15-22 August 2024. The change in dates has been made necessary due to Formula 1’s Dutch Grand Prix, scheduled for 23-25 August. The overlapping schedules had led to a shortage of rooms available and a spike in hotel prices in and around Amsterdam. In order to ensure players can participate in the World Masters with few constraints, competition dates have been adjusted.

The closing date for entries is Saturday, 1st June 2024 (23:59 GMT). All entries must be made on-line. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Full details of the official announcement have been published on the WSF website here, additional information is available at both the supporting WSF Masters website ( and the official tournament website (

Inside the Frans Otten Stadion


If you are keen to attend and participate in this year’s World Championships, get started with your planning and see you there in August.
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For the latest WSF news, follow the World Squash Federation on FacebookInstagramThreads and X (formerly Twitter)

Watch free squash action, interviews and features at WORLDSQUASH.TV



The Championships
Every two years the World Masters Squash Championships are held as individual events for each age group, but with an overall point score championship for the large and small nation groupings.
In 2018, the Championships were played in Charlottesville USA with over 800 competitors. The Australian team, with more than 70 participants, came second to England in the large Nation’s Cup competition. In 2022, we came 12th with a much reduced team. Let’s see what we can do in 2024 in Amsterdam!

Am I good enough to play?
The World Championships in each age group are open to anyone to enter. In 2022, there were local club players in each age group from Poland and surrounding European countries. If you are playing Masters competitively in your local competition or at the Australian Masters Individual Championships, you are certainly good enough. Plate systems apply, so you will have at least three matches, maybe many more.

Will I be part of the Team?
Points are scored depending on where you progress in the main draw, but also where you finish in the multiple plate events. For countries like Australia, with an historically good standard of squash, many of our players will find themselves in plate finals and semis with the possibility of scoring points for Australia. With a large team, this will be our strength.
We are aiming to have over 100 players from Australia in Amsterdam in 2024. Sure, we want some of our past and present world champions to turn up and win, but we need every point to beat England, New Zealand, Canada, United States and South Africa to name a few.
We will endeavour to design an Australian team uniform available to order before you go – probably a playing shirt and a warm-up top. We want to have a visible presence in Amsterdam in the green and gold. And we’ll tell all the other players to talk to us because we’re friendly Aussies.

Making it a European Exploration
The Championships are only for one week. For some, they will want to fly directly from Australia to Amsterdam and return when play is completed.
For most, we expect that you will want to take some time to visit other sensational parts of Europe before or after the Championships.
You might want to get a few friends together and make a travel group out of it. How about a few days in Prague before the Championships and a few days in Berlin to follow. We might even be able to organise a local hit or socialising with the local squash clubs.
Or fly into London or Paris and make your way across Europe by train, play in the Championships, and fly back out from many cities who have near-direct flights back to Australia.
Where groups set up an itinerary, we can not only help to coordinate, we can share your travel plans with others if you want to build the size of the group to reduce costs.

2022 World Masters Squash Championships
The 2022 World Championships were conducted at the magnificent Hasta La Vista Squash Centre in Wroclaw, Poland. There were over 650 players from 57 countries – big and small. We had 19 proud Australians representing our country including several who live overseas but play under the Australian flag each time a World Championships is conducted.
The Association would like to congratulate the following players who distinguished themselves as Medal winners:

  • Brian Cook (QLD) – Mens Over 75 Open
  • Kylee Hammett (QLD) – Women’s Over 55 Open
  • Peter Gilbee (VIC) – Men’s Over 60 Open
  • Gaye Mitchell (TAS) – Women’s Over 65 Open
  • Tom Slattery (VIC) – Men’s Over 80 Open


Congratulations go to the rest of the “Team” who excelled themselves on the court and their support for their fellow players off the court. We could not be missed with our bright yellow T Shirts made by Darren O’Neill (Vic).